Cuban Orisha and Rumba

A show that lets you see and feel the Cuban dances and their story in a short performance.

Mythology states that the Orishas are gods who come to earth in the form of a human being to further convey the respect of their ancestors.

All orishas are associated with a force of nature that is the water, the earth, the air, and the fire, in its various divisions.
In the show we show Yemaya (mother of the fish, mother of humanity).

She is the goddess whose dance symbolizes the water in an impressive dance with Chango, one of the strongest deities. He is the god of thunder, the drumming and the entertainment and the one of women’s desires.

Long ago, say the myths, these two were a strong ruling couple. Rumba Cubana is a dance usually between a man and a woman, which presents a kind of “love dance”. In this dance, the woman seduces the man approaching him and at the same time she keeps him playfully at a distance.
He tries to overcome the distance by dancing including a lot of tricks.

Exciting, rhythmic, mystical.