Soul Food

Latin American and original, a delight of the senses.

Love, Creativity, Soul Food are just a few words that describe our typical Latin American food and its preparation.
Our exhibitors use traditional recipes and ingredients, handmade and learned from their mothers and grandmothers from their homeland.

Exotic chicken, yucca and avocado dishes or marinated meat skewers grilled over charcoal, seasoned with coriander, are just a few of the delicacies these countries have to offer.

Enjoy these treats on a warm sunset at your beach. Unique food authentically handmade from Honduras, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Cuba and Argentina.

Beach Yoga

Healthy and effective movements that fit into the everyday life of the 21st century as a fitness-oriented exercise style and enhance well-being.

But yoga can also be more than exercise, it can be like a short break and help to overcome inner limits.
It can help to become one with one’s self-awareness, helping one’s self to collect and concentrate, through physical and mental exercises, to meditation.

Or you just enjoy the outdoor exercise, surrounded by sand and blue sea and enjoy with others this wonderful moment.

Cuban Orisha and Rumba

A show that lets you see and feel the Cuban dances and their story in a short performance.

Mythology states that the Orishas are gods who come to earth in the form of a human being to further convey the respect of their ancestors.

All orishas are associated with a force of nature that is the water, the earth, the air, and the fire, in its various divisions.
In the show we show Yemaya (mother of the fish, mother of humanity).

She is the goddess whose dance symbolizes the water in an impressive dance with Chango, one of the strongest deities. He is the god of thunder, the drumming and the entertainment and the one of women’s desires.

Long ago, say the myths, these two were a strong ruling couple. Rumba Cubana is a dance usually between a man and a woman, which presents a kind of “love dance”. In this dance, the woman seduces the man approaching him and at the same time she keeps him playfully at a distance.
He tries to overcome the distance by dancing including a lot of tricks.

Exciting, rhythmic, mystical.

Men Dance

Salsa, Reggaeton, Son, Hip Hop, Lapdance.

Solo or together, these masters of amusement of different nationalities are modern inspiring or hot and exciting to watch.
Whether current creative dance moves or classic salsa, nothing that these men can not show refreshingly rhythmic.

Sympathetic take the female and male audience into its spell.

Choreographies of stylish gentlemen or “wild young” men who use their charm and expertise in a professional way.

Ladies Dance

Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton,
Son, Sensual, Hip Hop.
Choreographies of exceptionally professional sophisticated ladies of different styles.

Impressively refreshing and pretty to look at, with the special degree of attractiveness and professionalism.
The ladies are already a well-rehearsed team of different nationalities, who, above all, combine their fun in the dance with sensual enthusiasm.

Throughout Germany, it is a pleasure to experience these ladies in their public appearances. Tried-and-tested choreographies from successful dance festivals.

A special highlight is that in the style of “bachata”, under official license, the world champion choreography is being danced.
A so-called Ambassador license.

Beach Specials

Drums on the beach.
Conga, bongo, guiro, claves, ring clamp, cajon.

Solo bookable or with DJ. Bookable also as a drums show. Our drummers love their instruments and become one with their art
in the game of pure joie de vivre.

Mostly from the Caribbean, they have grown up with the talent and influence of their country’s Afro-Cuban music styles.

When the congas resound over the beach, there is no one who does not feel that deep rhythm and feels like dancing or just relaxing.
Depending on the budget, we flexibly put together the entertainment package.

Dance Workshops

Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue,
Timbaton, Cubaton, Hip Hop.
Several hours, even multi-day feasible.

Renowned dance teachers from Hamburg, who can convey all levels in a lively and passionate way.

Mixed classes for all levels, easily performed at the adjusted level. Through repetitions and an overall longer time span,
the learning effect is very sustainable.

Especially relaxed fun for those who cannot dance or do not believe they can.

Dance Animation / Dance Show

Choreographies under professional guidance and at international level.
Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Timbaton, Cubaton, Hip Hop.

Each of these talents has performed internationally and thrilled with professionalism and enthusiasm.

The shows are based on excellent coaching and can always be tailored to the needs of the audience. It is hard to imagine that
not everybody is enthusiastic about this rousing performance.

Depending on the budget, we flexibly put together the entertainment package.


Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Timbaton, Cubaton, Charts.
Expert DJs in this area and in the Latino charts.

Known from various top clubs and festivals in Hamburg and Germany.
DJs who understand their craft and electrify the crowd professionally, choosing the right songs.

No set is like the other. The art of a custom mix, whose rhythm shakes the beach.

Concert FCLAN

Musica Urbana:
Mix of modern Latin reggaeton beats and classic salsa Cubana rhythms.

Internationally known, Fredy and his musicians (FCLAN) thrilled with vocals, live shows and dance styles, accompanied by the animation of “JOKERS R.K”.
As Director General of Buena Vista and choreographer, dancer and singer, including “The Bar at Buena Vista” and “Lady Salsa”, he has already made a name for himself internationally with world tours.

As a representative of the latest generation of Cuban music, several of his songs are a successful hit in the international charts.

His newest album “Urbano” is available on Spotify and iTunes with the single releases “Trankilo Calma`o”, “La Calle Esta Que Arde”,
“Corazon”, “No Pasa Nada” and the classic record “Yo vengo de Cuba” (Remix recently with Havana D’ Primera).

With his spectacular enthusiasm Fredy moves the crowd and excites them with excellent choreographies and shows.
In short: FCLAN rocks.